Nantucket Healing Through Hands

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Reflexology Nantucket
This pictograph above is from Egypt between 2500 and 3000 BC, evidence in the physicians tomb shows hieroglyphics of the physicians applying pressure with his hands to the soles of his patients foot. Reflexology has come along way since then and using the late Eunice Ingham's theory has changed how Reflexology is applied.

This application by using a specific thumb or finger pressure technique on precise reflex points on the feet or hands is based on the premise that reflex areas on the feet or hands correspond to all body parts. Reflexology can bring benefits in many ways, helping to ensure that each individual can achieve optimum health.

Reflexology is particularly beneficial for stress related disorders which can account a good percentage of all illnesses in addition to chronic pain, discomfort and dis-ease. Reflexology is not used to diagnose conditions and is not substitute for seeking medical advice from your doctor. Reflexology is designed to help you achieve and maintain optimum health.

At the first appointment we will complete a medical history form and then the treatment will continue in silence with light music as you relax your way through the next hour. After a Reflexology treatment, it is common for your feet to feel warm and relaxed. You may feel sleepy or energized. Your body may feel hot or even shivery as your blood pressure changes when you are relaxed or revitalized. Occasionally, you may experience reactions when the body begins its self-healing process and elimination of toxins. These reactions may include:

  • Frequent visits to the toilet to enable the body to get rid of waste
  • Runny nose and/or cough as the body rids itself of toxins
  • Slight rash as the skin re-balances and rids itself of toxins
  • Perspiration - another way that the body can excrete waste
  • Conditions which have been suppressed may flare up temporarily before they heal
  • Deep sleep or difficulty sleeping and vivid dreams

These reactions are only temporary and should clear within 24 hours. They are positive signals that your body has responded to Reflexology and is balancing itself. If reactions do not subside after 24 hours please contact me and we may be able to organize a short treatment to help relieve the reactions.

After a treatment do take time to relax and benefit from the session, do try to avoid alcohol for 24 hours as the Reflexology could speed up the effect that this stimulant has on the body.

It is also recommended that you try to reduce your caffeine intake (including sodas) and eat light, healthy meals.

This treatment is fully clothed with only socks and shoes being removed, clients are asked to come with washed feet, however a cleaning preparation will be used before the treatment is started.