Nantucket Healing Through Hands

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Hands on Healing, Reiki Nantucket


Usui Reiki is a Japanese healing art dating back to the 1800's. Its definition 'Rei' meaning higher power and 'Ki' life force energy.

This beautiful spiritually guided life force energy called 'Reiki' is applied through the laying on of hands. This technique reduces stress and promotes relaxation while accelerating healing energy throughout the physical, mental and emotional body.

Many of us deal with emotional burdens caused by events or painful health issues. Difficulties like these can cause unseen imbalances in the energy system causing us to feel low and under charged. Regular Reiki treatments can re-align our imbalances and increase our energy levels to a feeling of peaceful well being.


This treatment is done fully clothed, in silence with light music and lasts an hour. Various hand positions will be used starting from the head, around the face and down the body. During the treatment you may feel in a dreamlike state and heat from my hands along with sensations through your body. After the session and in the following days, you are advised to drink plenty of water. Many people pass through a detox process after their Reiki sessions. This can manifest in physical and emotional symptoms, like frequent visits to the toilet, sleepiness, changes in appetite, mood swings, dreams... This is a natural process and it will pass in a few days.